Our concept: Quality house on the lowest cost.

  • Easily predictable and low construction costs and time you save by trusting on our company’s work.
  • Specified houses, based on your needs, for the best price.
  • Various home assemblies, the variety of our provided service will give you the opportunity to save the most.
  •  Accurate home assemblies, all technical documentations to exclude any construction risks.
  • House planning and construction will become a pleasant adventure for all your family.

We offer:

  • Technical design of house, assembly drawings, diagrams .
  • House construction kit: walls, partitions, windows, doors, window sills, stairs, roof covering,  rainwater drain systems .
  • House basics  project and  construction.
  • Transport of the house and assembly on site.
  • Agreeing with you we can offer any other works.



Come together with "AIG - family houses" on your dream house!
We realize your dreams and your desires.

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