Linne Hus (119 m²)

Building Design

One story house.

Indoor area: 119,0  m²

Bedrooms in a house:  3 pcs.

Bathrooms in a house: 2 pcs.

Building height above ground: 5,7 m.

Foundation: Strip / Slab.

Bearing walls: Prefabricated wood panels.

Roof construction: Timber trusses, rafters.

Linne is a single-storey house with a wonderful and beautiful modern architecture. In the house with a total residential area of 119 sq.m. can feel comfortable 3-4 people family. It is sunny with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and large living space in one area includes a kitchen, dining room and living room. Living room is the heart of home. There is a fireplace and a convenient kitchen island.  In the heart of home your senses will complement the large windows. Windows fitted to both the building facades from the floor up to the pitched roof. From Living room You can easily get into the rest home facilities, as well as extensive garden terraces. This house also includes household space, positioned further away from the sleeping quarters. Linn fits well with both- town and the rural landscape. We offer two plan options, but it is easy to almost fully transform according to your wishes and dreams, and can also be built mirror wiew.

The roof overhang make a practical entrance porch building corner. Entrance into the corridor is directly related to the living room , a household room and large bathroom. Wide living room with built-outfitting  fireplace, lots of windows, upholstered furniture will be comfortable and cozy for all your family. The house from the factory is equipped with high quality different levels of security for windows and exterior doors, roofing of your choise, different color concrete tiles, as well as rainwater drain systems. We can offer a various types of home exterior trim: different colors and profiles finishing boards, plaster, etc.

The house is particular suitable for families, whose priority is conveniences and rationality, while maintaining the small-house charm and a compact practicality. 

Linne Hus 1 plan.