Emma Hus (179,70 m²)

Building Design.

Indoor area:    179,70 m²
Number of bedrooms:    4 st.

One of our best and most prestigious one-storey home is "Emma HUS" 176.70 sq. m. It is bright and large with 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and large living space, where in one area located a kitchen, dining room and living room. The house is very light provided by two semicircular-glazed bay windows house at the corners, and many windows along the building perimeter. Doors from the living room leads to the terrace where you can enjoy morning coffee, as well as a nice dinner together with yor family and friends. The house "Emma HUS" also includes the garage and household space. It fits well with both- urban and rural landscape. It is intended for 4-5 people in the family. It can be about 95%  reprogrammed in accordance with your wishes and dreams, and it can also be built mirror wiew.

Home front roof overhang of a practical entrance porch. Entrance leads you into the corridor, which is directly related to the living room and all the other rooms. Spacious living room with built-in fireplace, lots of big windows, soft furnishings will be the most suitable room for your relaxation and nice moments in the family circle. The house from the factory is equipped with high quality different levels of security for windows and exterior doors, roof coverings of different colors of the likelihood of your choice. Light-colored trim boards of your house facades make it a light and pleasant.