Kiruna hus (80,3 m²)

Frefab houses description.

OPTIMA building-ste:  - €   (+VAT)

OPTIMA PLUS building-set: - € (+VAT)

Wood porch 3 m² : 135 €  (+VAT)

Wood porch 6 m² : 270 €  (+VAT)

Wood terrace 12 m² : 510 €  (+VAT)

Rūpnīcā izgatavota māja Kiruna hus.

Frefab houses description.Description of building-sets:

Prefab houses Building set. Panel house kit description.

Prefab houses Building set. Panel house kit description.

Frefab houses description.

House parameters:

One storey house.

Bedrooms:  2 pcs.

Bathrooms, wc: 1 pcs.

Building height:  3.9 m (from ground level).

Foundation: Slab.

Bearing walls: Prefabricated wood panels.

Roof construction:  Wooden rafters.

Frefab houses description.

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Prefab house cross section.

The best prefabricated house consultations and customer service

Princips for Building set assembling.

Montage service can be provided in 4 ways:
A) “AIG-konstrucijas” by e-mail sending montage scheme to local carpenters, it is included into building-set price.  Montage scheme customer receive before building-set delivery.
B) “AIG-konstrucijas” sending our engineer for 2 weeks to supervise the local carpenters and co work by assembling the house.
C) “AIG-konstrucijas” going to building-site and during one week is assembling main bearing constructions and teaching your carpenters how to continue the montage.
D) “AIG-konstrucijas” provide full montage service, which means everything what is delivered, during montage period will be assembled.
Remarks: during montage period the foreign customers must provide the following:

  • electrical and water connection on building-site,
  •  the Mobil crane service for necessary time,
  •  the waste containers for whole montage period,
  •  the scaffolding around the house for whole montage period,
  •   the accommodation for leading engineer or for “AIG-konstrucijas” montage brigade whole montage period.